Technological advances have resulted in Infrared thermal imaging cameras becoming more affordable and hence more frequently adopted into novel imaging systems. Applications for security/surveillance, remote temperature measurements, thermal monitoring of plant and equipment and fire detection have become commonplace.

However, there are still many more applications which are not adequately served by commercial-of-the-shelf thermal cameras and therefore many opportunities for innovative solutions. At LRM Technologies, we have a team with extensive experience and technical knowledge in the infrared thermal imaging space. But just as importantly we have a passion to work with partners to develop new, innovative thermal imaging solutions.


LRM Technologies represents the Cores & Components product line by FLIR Systems – the world’s largest commercial infrared camera company. FLIR’s LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) thermal camera cores, utilising the latest uncooled microbolometer detectors, are designed for easy and efficient integration into higher level assemblies and platforms. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) design and integrate FLIR’s thermal imaging cores into systems that are manufactured and sold under their own company name or product brand.


Many innovation thermal imaging based solutions have emerged across different markets. Examples include:

  • FLIR’s PathFindIR module for night driving, which is available as a factory option on certain car brands and as an aftermarket kit for the general public.


  • DJI’s Zenmuse XT and Yuneec’s CGO ET camera gimbals, which offer pilots a fully integrated thermal imaging payload for their UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)


This is the question that excites us. Applications such as new NDI (Non-Destructive Inspections) techniques using Thermography, TSA (Thermo-elastic Stress Analysis) using low-cost thermal cameras and novel medical imaging are just some ideas for future development.

At LRM Technologies we are passionate by the prospect of what comes next and look forward to working with partners with the same outlook.

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