There are a vareity of Coherent | Rofin laser systems that can be used for manual laser welding. Although when it come to medical device manufacturing, only the most precise system should be considered. This is where the Integral comes in. Its table moves workpieces with a maximum weight of 500 kg fast and precisely. The working chamber is spacious to allow for larger items to be welded. As an option, the Integral can be made an open system laser workstation to allow for the ability to work with even larger pieces.

The Integral features:

  • Micro Weld option
  • Touch screen
  • Synchronized seam welding
  • Simple seam programming
  • Optics can be swivelled
  • Microscope
  • Camera viewing system as an option
  • Integrated exhaust
  • Large working chamber

solutions from coherent | rofin

Laser systems can be easily adapted to the production environment, manually operated with microscope viewing or integrated into automated production, with fixed or fiber optics, image recognition and scanner heads for high processing speeds.

What ever your requirement may be there is always a solution to be found and tailored to your individual preferences.  Lasers weld all kinds of metal used in the medical device manufacturing industry. Laser weld spots and seams in the micron range can easily be generated, even in complicated areas. The heat-affected zone is at a minimum and keeps even highly sensitive components unaffected.

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Manual laser welding systems from Coherent | Rofin – the pioneer and market leader worldwide -combine the excellent quality of laser welded joints with easy handling and fast operational readiness. LRM Technologies is here to support you every step of the way. Can’t decide which system will best fit your needs? That’s what we are here for. We offer application trials to test which system will fulfil your requirements, we stand by you through every step of the sales process and we ensure you are well equipped and have all the knowledge and training to use your new laser system properly. We don’t stop here! We offer support and service throughout the entire lifetime of your laser, whether it be assistance in customising your system or ongoing servicing to ensure that you laser is running at it’s best. Something has gone wrong with your laser? Don’t worry we are here to help with that too!

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