Coherent | Rofin’s all purpose laser markers can tackle any marking requirements. They feature a spacious working chamber, large colour display’s or touchscreens depending on the model of choice and everything you need for convenient programming and operation.

The CombiLine lasers are your all in one laser marking solutions. With a choice of 2 models available depending on your requirements and budget.

The CombiLine Advanced is available in different versions for standing or seated working positions. The laser marking system can be equipped with the optimum laser source for designated applications. The model features a choice of a rotary or work table, the ability to be equipped with your choice of laser source and is suitable for the use of heavy products.

The CombiLine Basic would be your first choice when you are looking for a compact basic model for a medium batch size. Designed for standing operation, the CombiLine Basic is available with work table and indexing table. This model offers

  • free choice of the laser
  • low operating costs
  • small carbon footprint
  • short process time due to indexing table


Laser marking modifies the colour of a material providing a corrosion free mark without damaging the item and without the need for any fillers. There are almost no limits on what materials can be marked, from implants to medical devices or surgical instruments, what ever your need there is a solution to be found. Coherent | Rofin offer wide range of laser marking systems to fit your individual requirements. Marking files can be tailored to your needs to ensure the perfect solution is found.


LRM Technologies has an experienced sales team that is here to help. We know that transitioning into the advanced manufacturing world can be daunting, but that’s what we are here for! If you are not sure which system best fits your requirements, that’s where we step in. We place high importance on helping our customs find the right product for their needs. We also focus strongly on being there for our customers every step of the way. Whether it be through marking application trials to help you find the best laser system for the job, the purchasing of a new laser system, the installation, the training and the ongoing support, LRM is here to assist our customers every step of the way.

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