The flexibility of cuts with a fine laser cutting system is nearly unlimited. With cut width under 20 µm tubes with diameters under 200 µm can be processed. Radial as well as non radial cutting angles allow to form for instance hollow needle points or cut openings in finest tubes, without damaging the opposite tube wall.

The minimal heat input saves temperature sensitive materials and the further high quality of the cuts minimises the postprocessing effort enormously. Their high speed and production yield good position compared with competitive procedures.


The Star Cut Tube makes a fully automatic Laser cutting process possible, especially for medical use products as hallow needle points or implants as stents and heart valves. The machine combines multiple work steps obtained from a fully automated tube loading, the opportunity to make off centre cuts and engravings in just one process step and faster axes. This way the throughput can improve by 50%. Furthermore the Star Cut SL combines this maximum of throughout with minimum footprint. Tubes with any length can be loaded in the machine. To automise the loading process the Autoloader StarFeed L and S are additional available.


LRM Technologies sells and offers multiple services for maintenance and repairs of the machines. Our Engineers can set up the Lasers for you, connect them and introduce you to their usage. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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