Manufacturing workshops are an integral part of today’s manufacturing environment, and more and more it is the laser machine that is at the heart of the workshop. The modern day industrial laser is used for precision laser cutting, flexible laser marking, complex laser welding and a range of specialised laser processing of materials. It is therefore imperative that these lasers machines are maintained to achieve maximum manufacturing time.

At LRM Technologies we represent the range of industrial lasers from Coherent | Rofin – the world’s largest laser company. These lasers are at the heart of many machines in use at laser job shops, so our goal is to support all our customers with the mantra of maximum manufacturing time. We have a team of highly trained and experienced engineers dedicated to meeting this goal.

By partnering with LRM Technologies, you will gain access to the necessary technical knowledge and parts for your laser, backed by a support team with industry experience and an attitude to keep your laser running.


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