Laser marking and laser engraving have been perfected by the compact laser engraving system EasyJewel. A multiplicity of materials that are used in jewellery industry can be processed. The EasyJewel is especially created for circumferential seamless designs and large engravings. A big advantage for every jeweller is the solid structure and the very simple handling. Clamping the rings and bracelets, that can be up to 80mm in outer diameter, for internal or external engravings has been made easy.


We know how important it is to our customers to uphold their reputation, especially when it comes to designing and producing only the finest jewellery possible. LRM and  Coherent | Rofin focus on doing the same for our customers, we only offer the highest quality laser systems to ensure only the best result is achieved. The precision of a laser engravement increases the range of engravable motives for the classic internal engraving. Handwriting can be reproduced which exactly reflects in a few minutes. Furthermore, the lasers can do hallmarking, inlay work and channel setting and marking for bevel settings. Even the engravement on crystals. Essential for the engravement on not uniform circular rings is a flexible ring fixture as offered with EasyJewel.


Purchasing a new piece of equipment or transitioning into the world of advanced jewellery manufacturing can be an intimidating process, this is why LRM places high importance on providing our customers with as much support as we possibly can. From the beginning of your journey we offer experienced sales support to ensure you are purchasing the right product for you. We offer ongoing support in terms of training and servicing undertaken by our highly qualified engineers. We are here to help no matter what the problem may be, we stock any required spare parts and are focuses on ensuring your relationship with us on going throughout the entire lifetime of your laser.

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