The use of industrial-grade lasers for materials processing can greatly improve your manufacturing process through superior quality, productivity and/or flexibility. Whilst the advantages are obvious, there is complexity involved in determining which type and configuration of laser system is most appropriate or even if a laser is the most suitable solution.

At LRM Technologies, we represent the extensive range of industrial laser systems and laser sources from Coherent | Rofin – the world’s largest laser company. We have a team of laser experts, and we see our role as looking after the laser processing side of things, so you can look after everything else. If you have a requirement for cutting, welding, engraving, marking, drilling, structuring or surface finishing, our team will help determine if a laser-based solution is appropriate and whether it represents value for you.

Just as important as acquiring the right equipment is the ongoing service and support. We understand how critical lasers are once integrated and fully utilised, so will strive to ensure that your lasers experience minimal downtime. By partnering with LRM Technologies you will gain access to industry knowhow, quality products and a professional support team that will to help minimise downtime and increase your manufacturing uptime.


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