Using the best available sources of technology from around the world.

About LRM Technologies

LRM Technologies (founded as Laser Resources Management) was founded in 1992 to promote the use of laser technology and related products for industry in Australia and New Zealand, using the best available sources of technology from Europe. The LRM team aims to cooperatively develop and implement the use of laser technologies in industry to help customers take advantage of the benefits of laser material processing. LRM offers complete service and support including factory trained technicians, for each of the products it sells. LRM also welcomes customer enquiries for service, support and application assistance for all laser related systems.

However since the 90’s technology has advanced significantly, so has LRM Technologies. Whether your goal is to improve your manufacturing processes by utilising industrial grade lasers or exploring the exciting possibilities presented by infrared cameras, our job is to simplify the technology jargon and make it easier for you to utilise the latest technology and do things better. Technology is a great enabler for creating products or performing tasks that were once too difficult or too expensive.

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